Coaching Skills for leaders

This laboratory is a practical community experience that will help you to move forward in your business, understand and explore at all levels the essential principles and skills that underpin the application of coaching skills in an organisational context.

N L P and meaningful conversation

  This laboratory will let you 

Gain a better understanding of the people you work with

Obtain unexpected results under stressful conditions by learning how to uncover the implicit needs of your audience

Practice new skills in generating insights and consensus with NGO and external organizations.

Start Up Career

 This laboratory is more than finding your next job, it is about figuring out what you really want and it is about adopting a new mindset, learning how to dance with the system to create challenges and cope with opportunities for yourself and building a fulfilling career over the long-term.

It is a learning-by-doing experience for those hungry for understanding the hidden dimensions of reality, building new maps, changing mind-sets ready to capitalize on new learning path.